Injector Clips Diagram for colors?

Ive got a 92 integra that im putting together. Came without injector clips, i bought new ones to wire in, and the wire colors do not match up to the stock harness. Same clips (came off of 93 teg supposedly) just different colors. 2 clips have matching wires to the harness but the other 2 clips have different colors. Any ideas how to determine which wires hook to which on the clips?

Thanks! Im working on this tonight so any help before then would be awesome!!

Injector #1: Brn & Yel/Blk
Injector #2: Red & Yel/Blk
Injector #3: Lt Blu & Yel/Blk
Injector #4: Yel & Yel/Blk

All of the yel/blk wires lead back to the same place, they are completely interchangeable, so it doesn’t matter which injector each one goes to, so long as each injector gets hooked up to a yel/blk wire.

When looking (from the front of the car) at the injectors and wiring, the yel/blk wire will be on the LEFT side of the clip, and the other wire will be on the RIGHT side of the clip. Here’s a pic that sorta shows what I’m talking about:

Project 896_042609_015 by C o l i n, on Flickr

That is awesome info!! However after looking at the clips, a few of them dont have blk/yel wires at all. But if what you said about the blk/yel wire on the harness always going to the left side of the injector is true (looking at the engine from the front of the car) ill just splice the wire on the left of the clip and hopefully thats it.

And dang your wires are clean, clean :wink:

Yeah, maybe other chassis had different wire colors, I’m not sure. I had thought they were all that same color. Did you test fit the clips to make sure they fit the injectors and that you actually got the right ones? As long as the clips make the connection properly then the wire color on the clip is irrelevant. Make sure the wire colors from the engine harness are setup like I mentioned, and in the pic above and you’ll be fine.

Thanks! And they should be, cause every single wire, nut, bolt… etc that got put on that engine was cleaned thoroughly before I put the engine together (that photo was taking while I was mocking up my engine harness wiring). Of course that cleanliness went down the drain pretty quickly since it’s a track car and I’ve had multiple “off track” excursions which thoroughly filled the car with dirt. Difficult to see how bad it is, but here’s a pic after a wild trip off Phil Hill at Buttonwillow:

Buttonwillow_073111_0011 by C o l i n, on Flickr