injectors in skunk2 intake manifold

im building an ls/vtec and i got myself a skunk2 intake mani and i was wondering what i need to fit the injectors in the manifold? is it only the little rubbers? my OBD0 b16a manifold isn’t the same design but all b serie injectors are the same. so i just want to confirm that its only the rubber that goes in the hole.

anyone? c’mon its pretty simple.

just try it. some manifolds require those spacers, others do not. might as well buy new gaskets for the injectors and replace those too.

everything you need to know should be in here. its non vtec but im sure that the everything else is the same.

i went through your thread but i didnt see what im looking for. i want to know what rubber spacers you need to fit the injectors in the manifold. the ones from my obd0 manifold dont work. the injector is to loose and the hole in the manifold isnt the same design. for the rest i figured it all out it was pretty straight forward. i just want to make sure its only the rubbers and nothing else that goes in the hole.

if you look on a obd0 manifold, theres a seat where the injector o ring presses on to seal. in the skunk2 manifold, its just a straight hole without that seat, so the injector is loose.