Ok guys I have a usdm B18A1 that I am rebuilding.
Will the injectors off a 93 GSR will work without any modifications?

yes, but they are the same :wink:

its not as simple as “yes, but they are the same”

90-91 injectors are peak-hold and use a resistor box, 92-93 are saturated and do not use a resistor box. Also the wiring clips for the different versions of injectors are slightly different. However, both version flow the same and are of equally good quality, they just work a little different.

Your profile says you have a 90. So, if you are trying to put the 92-93 gsr injectors into your car you’ll have to make some changes:
-solder on new injector clips (so the wiring will actually be able to plug into the newer injectors) or some people have also been able to successfully modify their stock clips to work w/ the new injectors
-remove the injector resistor box, cut the wires leading to it, solder all these wires together and tape them up (or use the stock 92-93 terminating plug)