Inner door lining

Anyone down for a group buy on these? You can only buy massive rolls of 7mil at like $25, I have no reason to spend that for 2 pieces, so if enough people want in I will buy it, cut it, and send it to you.

I think the roll was like 50ft long x 3ft wide. I’d charge $1 per door plus whatever shipping which would be cheap.

LMK. I can’t be the only person who wants to re-do the lining pieces.

Nobody??? Come on people…I can’t be the only cheap ass on here.

Just grab a HD garbage bag, a 60L should be more then big enough to do 2 doors.94

That’s a pretty good idea actually, I guess I will be trying that tonight.

We use 3M Strip Calk for a number of things, including vapor barrier, [inner door lining] you can get it at any auto body supply store and most car parts stores have it.94

No auto store around me carries it, I’ve tried all the big ones with no luck.

Go to an auto body supply store… I saw two boxes of the stuff on the shelf yesterday when I was ordering paint.

Or… Order it? I mean, this is teh intrawebz after all.