Innovative or Hasport Motor Mounts???

Right now I have a Hasport cable/hydro conversion. I need motor mounts bad. The Hasport conversion cost around $300. I want to get Hasport mounts too but it looks like they will be costing $300+. Innovative sells the whole coversion kit and mounts for $330. Should I say screw the Hasport and just buy the Innovative kit? I’ve talked to a few people and they said since I have the Hasport Conversion, I should get Hasport mounts. They look nice but I just want to get something that will work and not break the bank. Here’s the innovative mounts. I know innovative make a “real” hydro conversion but this is the one I’m looking at so please don’t say "get the innovative real hydro converion. :slight_smile:

i like innovative mounts. two friends of mine used them without any problems and they were satisfied

Are they using them with the cable/hydro conversion? My main concern is with having only 3 mounts if they hold it in there.

no they didnt use the hydro conversion. u can still use a stock front mount. innovative also makes a front mount for the da

I’m using hasport mounts and the hydro conversion, so of course I’m going to back hasport. Works just fine with only three mounts although, I am going to fabricate some kind of damper/mount for the front. Hasport is a great track proven company with a good rep. That speaks for it self. Good Luck

Hmmmm… I’ve heard both good and bad. All I’m really worried about is the motor mounts fitting correctly.

hasport. look at their reputation…look at their accomplishments.

innovative has done nothing but disappoint me:


if u look at hasport mounts, you’ll see that it would be impossible for their bushings to slide apart like that.

When installnig the rear mount. There is a little bit of play left right front and back to center the mount accordingly. I too noticed my rear mount with red insert would most liekly eventually push like taht if I put the engine in as is, so I loosened the mount and moved it over a smidge and didn’t have a problem with it sliding. I now run their full mount kit with thh grey track inserts and have 0 complaints. BUT. I will say tho, taht I brought in their mounts for the RSX Type S for a customer and one of the mounts fit like absolute dick and we had to oval the hole out by about 1/4"

K, I ordered the Innovative. I have talked to a few people locally and they’ve had good luck with the mounts. I spoke with Craig/Greg, not sure which, but he was very helpful. I had to get kit 19351 with a hydro tranny mount instead of cable. He said it would ship out 2morrow. So far, so good.

I had Innovative on my last Da. Good price, good mounts, good people. I recommend the race mounts though. (I bought those :cross: )

My Innovative mounts have been great. I have driven my car very hard for a while now with no problems. great mounts:rockon:

i’ve had Innovative mounts (not the billet mounts they recently started offering) but the wrinkle black mounts with red inserts. i’ve had zero problems with them, but a few people i know of have had similar problems as kyle. might have just been a bad batch or something. not sure.

i will say that their Billet Mount Kit does look to be miles ahead of the wrinkle black kit. i don’t have personal experience with those mounts, so take what i say for what its worth. “THEY APPEAR TO BE MUCH BETTER MOUNTS” they almost look as nicely made as the HASport mounts.

when i do my Type-R swap next year (hopefully) i will be going with the HASport kit. and since they don’t offer a front mount, i’ll probably just get a new Innovative mount with Grey track insert to handle the front.

cool. post up in my thread about innovative when u start noticing problems in June.

with the hasport mounts, you REALLY dont need a front mount. you’d be surprised. i wouldn’t think u would need one with the innovative kit either though.

are they THAT strong? i think i’d rather be safe than sorry though. having that mount in place would really only help keep it stable. it might not be in a matching billet finish, but it will still be there to give me that piece of mind that i want.

i do appreciate the input though kyle :wink: