Installed MSD Blaster Coil now having problems

I apologize in advance for the long post…

I’ve got a b18a that I am using only temporarily till I can finish up my lsvtec. I had to use my distributor from the b16 head, so only one bolt hole lines up, but I’ve been using it like this for the last three months with no problems. To speed up the installation of my new setup I decided to install my msd blaster coil, msd distributor cap, msd rotor, and msd spark plug wires so if I have any problems I’ll know where to look. remember this is the distributor that I’ll be using again with my lsvtec. Also, I believe I ordered the spark plug wires for a b16 but when I compared them to the b18a wires, they looked almost identical, so I used the msd’s.

I removed the stock coil and extended the wires that normally go to the stock coil to the new coil (msd) that is mounted in my engine bay. I followed all the instructions for triming and crimping the wire that goes from the coil to the distributor cap. After installation, I reset the ecu. Now, the car starts and drives almost perfectly normally, except at around 1500 rpm under heavy load (accelerating from a dead stop through an intersection) it will stutter and hesitate. above 2000 its normal and throughout the rest of the rpm band its fine.

I called MSD and they told me how to test the coil and wires, but I found nothing bad. Unfortunately I have to use the msd wires with the msd cap and I have to use the msd cap with the external coil, so I cant really re-install any stock parts (except the rotor) to test.

Could it be that I am using the wrong spark plug wires and it is somehow causing that hesitation at only 1500 rpms? Could it be that one of the spark plug wires is bad?

also, I did not remove the distributor to do this, so the timing could not have changed.

park your car somewhere dark and see if the spark from one of the wires is arching some where. in the dark you shouldn’t miss it. Thats what it sounds like to me. how do your spark plugs look?

I’ll check it out and post results. Thanks.

dude the same thing hapened to me, i would try the arcing thing first… but make sure all your wires are connecting and i used 14 gauge wiring, before it ran like ass cuz i used some small crap wire that i had laying around, so you might not want to skimp on cheep wire here, plus i had my positive wire kinda ghetto… it sucked it felt like it pulled timing… check your connections.

if all comes to worst

put the stock coil+rotor+cap
and take one out at a time

if u take out stock coil…
use a prelid e92-96 xternal coil cap to see if the msd cap is at fault(like 7 bucks)

stock rotor is fine for msd ingition