Installed new kenwood radio, no sound except for on tuner.. NEED ADVICE!

Okay i have searched and searched and cannot figure this out. I just got my kenwood touch screen from crutchfield and installed it, everything went fairly smooth. And it works perfect… except i have no sound out of any speakers unless the radio is on tuner… I still need to try a cd, have only tried my ipod. I’ve tried a bunch of combinations for the remote/antenna wire even though there isn’t an amplifier in the car… currently wired remote wire from the radio to the cars antenna wire. (I also don’t have an antenna motor anymore… so the 3 wire connector in the rear is just chillin) I checked all the speaker wires and i’m getting voltage through all 8. Does anybody have an ideas? also all the speakers are brand new, but don’t have all of them wired up yet. Going to do that soon. No wires are touching each other or the body. Would it matter if not all 4 speakers are hooked up? Thanks in advance…

I think i may have figured out the problem… apparently the apple ipod cable doesn’t work with this. supposed to buy the “kenwood” cable.
Just in case anyone runs into the same problem, will post back when I confirm it.

You can have ONE, or ALL speakers connected… it doesn’t matter.

If your speakers were working before, theoretically, you should be able to fully install the new speakers and be done with it. Your wiring is obviously good if the old speakers worked. If the speakers work on the Tuner, then again, your wiring is correct.

If it has an Aux (earphone jack) input, try that… or as you mentioned, CD.

If you’re getting sound from the tuner, naturally everything is hooked up right as far as speakers go. Try a different input, as you said.

Alright, problem resolved! Couldn’t find any cd’s but i tried a dvd and there is sound! Thanks for the help unified112!