Installing 1 pieces

I have my one pieces now and I’ve got the general idea of how to install them. You take the bumper off, and then basically unscrew all the mounts and it will bolt right on. Right? What does everyone do with the wiring? Do I actually have to splice all those wires or can I pop the little end pieces out of the plastic clips and just transfer them into the plastic clips of the jdm wiring harnesses? I thought there was a teg tips on this but I can’t find it.
Any info would be appreciated, I want to do this right the first time.

I wouldn’t mind some instructions as well.

My 1 pieces are sitting here, but my car is in storage. :frowning: Therefore I can’ t just open the door and figure it out myself.

I’d like to make sure I bring all the tools I need when I go and put them on my car.

Anyone? :slight_smile:


you have to splice the wires together, its pretty easy, took me maybe 15 minutes to do all the wiring. check the teg tips for the wiring diagram for the headlights.

you can use the USDM clips for the corner lamps. all others you must splice.