Installing 4 Point belts?

How the hell do you install 4 point belts? I have two sparco seats in the stock mounts but I think that I have to install the belts in the back seat stock mounts in order to get a 45 degree angle…Anyone who has done this please help! :bowdown:

I installed my 4 points the same way… I bolted the shoulder straps to the back seat belt locations and then drilled into my floor and put two eye hooks with large washers on the inside and outside of the car into the floor to mount the lap belt portion… Maybe this might help ya…

Take a look man, if you’re gonna stick in harnesses into the stock locations in the back you’re gonna have to be willing to give something up(ie back seats, or seat bealts). Also, where you are gonna be installing them yourself make sure you get some high grade bolts(grade 8 or higher) to screw them in. There should be 4 bolts behind under you rear seat keeping in your existingbelt components, remove them and your seats but don’t lose the hardware as you may be able to use it for the new sparco harnesses. All you have to do once your rear seat is up is just take the 2 mounting points for each seat and bolt them into the stock locations where you previously removed the stock belts from. It’s pretty simple but if you need a little bit better an explanation just tell me. Here’s a pic of my auto-x/racing car :uhoh:

Hmmm, yeah so I lose the back seat? Crap this isn’t a racer mebbe I can fabricate something b/c I sure as hell don’t car about the back seat but want it to look good… TY for the info!

No prob, but you probably could install the harnesses then try and put the back seat back in… or you could make a little wall like i’m doing now, out of fiberglass or mdf wood. Either would work fine and with some carpet could look really good. Just some ideas, good luck with whatever you do. Kepp us posted.

They don’t make bars that go across the cabin for this model do they? Some sort of internal mount? Anyway the car prob needs new shocks so and the left rear brake is sticking a bit so I’ll need to fix that first me thinks…

I’m guessing you mean as in something like the Sparco harness bar. They do make them but they are fairly expensive, as in 280 dollars I believe(correct me if I’m wrong). It would be MUCH cheaper to have one made by a shop around town. Remember no matter what way you do this, it will not look stock, so that’s something you have to be willing to sacrifice when installing harnesses. They weren’t made with road car aesthetics in mind. That said, I think they look wicked even when you take out the back seats, and I didn’t have much choice where mine are non reclinable race seats anyways :up:

Yeah I don’t care about stock this has to be done. The only prob is nobody knows someone who can do it around here. There has to be tho I’ll keep asking.

I’m assuming you mean the bar. Well it shouldn’t be too hard for any experienced welder to make one for you, it’s just a bar that attaches at each side of the interior and a little spot for you to screw in the bolts. Very easy to make.

Yeah it might be easy to make but you gotta be carefull with safety shit like that.

That’s for sure. Just make certain that whoever you get to make it for you has made them several times before, and that the mounting points they use for the bar are very sturdy. You can never be too careful or sceptical about stuff like this, ask a lot of questions!

also remember that unlike our canadian friends, we don’t have seatbelt bolts and holes there to use. the nut is welded in under the plastic. you can also route the harness over a c-pillar bar then down to a lower bolt.

Yeah I’m asking around for someone who does it regular(racing ppl).


Can u explain that again with all the steps included.! So i either have have to lose the back seats or back seats belts??? let me know ASAP got seats need to instal!

You should email him racerteg for a faster response. He might have moved on. I still can’t find anyone in Roanoke that has done this.

clift…got any closer pics of the lap belts bolted down, and did you drill to the underside of the car, and thats where you mounted them?

PS-Sweet car, and sweet looking set up. How much were the seats/who makes them/where to buy etc. :horny:

i have 4 point snap-in sparco harnesses in my da. these work good if u want to keep the back seats in the car(cant be used though). i took all the stock belts out ‘n’ used the stock locations in the bac for the shoulder straps. for the lap belt, since the stock belt isn’t in, i used the stock location from the oem lap belt. thats on the door side. for the middle part, i was able to rethread the eye bolt ‘n’ mount it on the inside seat rail mount. u know the one that is bigger then the other three. if u think there is something wrong with that, take it up with sparco. thats where i seen it. in one of there ads for the harness bars. i dont know how well this set-up would work with a bolt-in harness but for snap-in, it works great.

Does anybody know if the Sparco Racing Harness Bar for the '94+ Integra can fit on a DA Canadian B-Pillar?