Installing bottom half of CAI...

Hey folks,

The teg tips weren’t clear on removing the bottom box where the filter for a CAI would sit in. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.



easiest way is going to be to remove your bumper. Then it will be obvious as to how to remove the resonator, and it will give you plenty of room to work with to install the cai.

some people might tell you just to pull back the inner fender lining. personally i like to remove the bumper, it will be a lot easier to deal with that way (a lot less crowded).

there is no way to remove the resonator box without taking the bumper off. if you find a way, it will end up taking you like … 5 hours? don’t try it.

just take the bumper off. there are 2 bolts behind the 2 bumper lenses. 2 bolts holding the bumper on under the bumper (car), and then 2 screws on each side of the bumper by the fender wall.

take all this crap off, and then if you look at the passenger side, you will see the resonator box.

there are 3 bolts that keep this baby in there. they are all hidden inside the fender. 2 on the right side (upper right and lower right), and then one in the upper left.

i had a hard time getting to the one in the upper left, i had to get an extension.

sorry this was long, but it’s necessary to explain it all, hope this helps…

4evawize: sorry, but you’re wrong. many people here have removed their resonator without removing the bumper or wheel. I know it sounds crazy (its even hard for me to believe it), but a number of the other guys here have done it simply by pulling back the inner fender lining. It seems to me like it’d be impossible to get to all of the bolts to remove it, but somehow they did.

as for his description on how to remove the bumper: he is perfectly correct. Remove those screws/bolts and yank that sucka off.


are you serious, do they dread removing the bumper that badly?!

but they bent their fender wall all out of shape, right?

i mean… comeon. i took a pair of garden shears to the box in an effort to get it out without taking off the last bolt.

beats me, personally I can’t see how the hell you could get it out that way. But even BR said he did it that way, and he’s not the type to half ass things, or go about things in such a way that it’d damage the car. so, who knows??

i think i’ll stick to removing the bumper. Hell, it only takes 5 min

Actually I took my resonator but I had to bend my fender liner back(it was already warped). It wasn’t too bad to get out, the 3rd bolt was a pain. I just drilled it out where it attaches to the resonator box. The first 2 bolts came out like a charm.

I had the car on a hoist so it was easier to get at, but I think taking the bumper off will give you more room to work with. It’s a tight fit under there.

i took out my resonator when installing my AEM CAI without taking off the bumper, i just removed the inner fender liner, there was only 1 bolt that was a real bitch to get at but it still didnt take that long, on the instructions thats what it told me to do so i never even thought about taking off the bumper cover

Thanks Guys,

I was thinking of removing the bumper anyway. It’s just that it’s freakin’ cold up here!!!:dead:



when i did mine, i neighter jacked up the car or removed the bumper. I was unaware that you got better access by taking it off. It was’nt that hard except for one bolt. it took probably an hour to get off. if i were to do it again, id just take off the bumper. Ive taken it off lots of times for various reasons. its super easy.

an hour to get it off??? damn, thats a long time. Removing the bumper is a lot quicker:
-remove bumper: 5-8min
-remove 3 bolts on resonator: 1 min
-put bumper back on: 5-10min

HaHa this brings me back to the day i first tried to take off my bumper cover. I hadn’t heard of this site yet so i got instructions from somewhere else but it was for the generation 3 tegs and I didnt know it so after spending an hour and a half trying to pop out those damn corner lenses to get at those screws without breaking the lenses i quite and called my friend and he just popped the sucker off in like 5 minutes i felt like a big ass.

Good story huh?