installing power windows and cruise control (INFO)

A friend of mine has a 90RS (no cruise or power windows/locks). I have access to a 90/91 GS with cruise power windows/locks. We want to go get the cruise windows and locks out of the junked teg and install them in his car. My question is what all do i need. I know the windows have a control module as do the locks under the dash. For the cruise ill need the control unit (under hood) and steering wheel with buttons.

My main question is, are all integra’s wired for cruise and windows? or will i need the harness as well? Buddy’s car is no where near me so i can’t go look.

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come on guys, a little help please!

are all interas wired for this stuff or just certain models?

No one has done this?

From what I’ve been told, only Honda models that were the ‘top-of-the-line’ or close to it were pre-wired for options in case they were chosen at the dealership… 92-93 GS’s and GSR’s were pre-wired for everything including the kitchen sink. The 90’s were only wired on the GS’s (again, so I’ve been told), so don’t expect any wiring in that RS… the irony is, you’ll probably find all the wiring in that GS you’re pulling stuff off of. HTH.

the cruise control is going to be the hardest part. you need to remove the accelerator pedal bracket which is spot welded in and install it in your car.

cruise parts:

-actuator motor
-cable that goes from actuator to accelerator pedal
-accelerator pedal bracket & arm
-brake pedal switch
-clutch switch
-steering wheel slip ring
-buttons from steering wheel
-dash cruise button
-cruise computer

slip ring:

accelerator pedal bracket (arm isn’t shown in this pic):