Installing TWM ITB

Need a little help on installing B16a TWM ITB. Anyone know of a site with the instructions to ITB.

Trying play around with what EMS to run. Any information would be great.

Thk you

sorry to jack your thread …but where did you get your TWM ITB’s from …and how much did you pick them up for?

from what I understand, a vafc and a fpr would be good enough to do a slight tune on the itb’s. but look into uberdata, it’s cheap and I"ve seen it work wonders. good luck

TWM throttle bodies

Guys you should contact them at there web site to ask if they know any retailers/installers in your area. I just got done talking to them and they told me their sytems are in 9 of the top 10 all motor drag cars in the country. mostly SoCal cars…(throwin up the W…yeaheeeyeah)

haha i love the sound of individual TB’s…what performance gains can be found…obviously im thinking it would only help if you already had ur car modified a good bit…but is it a significant increase?

ya, iv’e always loved ITB’s, and the sound amazing, but if you don’t do some serious tunning on em’, you might as well get a cold air intake. But if your serious, it’s gunna take some patience. If your not into the “do it yourself” scene, take it to a shop and let them so it right. It’s gunna cost more, but doing it right is the key.