intake manifold question?

hey there, just wondering if anyone had some info on the best possible i/m for our cars…now i do realize every situation is different so lets use mine for example ls/vtec and im going n/a fully built so would i go with b16 i/m with a holley 62mm throttle body or itr i/m or the skunk i/m or jg/eidelbrock i/m…let me know guys cause at this moment i have two in my possesion the b16 w/ 62mm bored out throttle body and a chance to grab the jg i/m…let me know your feedback is important!


Well, assuming you used a PR3 head for your LS/VTEC, I would say the ITR manifold for the shorter, fatter runners. The Skunk2 manifold is basically a copy of the ITR, so those are pretty good to. Not sure about the JG though.

Go with the ITR IM. The Skunk2 IM is a copy just like Kai said and the inside of the runners of the ITR IM is smooth unlike the rough casting of the S2 (from what another member told me who compared the two). The JG/Edelbrock is nice but too big for N/A apps. I would IMHO only use it if you’re boosting.

ITR or skunk2

this is what i have

and i want to change it…to tha skunk2 for the GSR head.