Intake question?

I’m in the market for an intake and was wondering if anyone has done the DIY ice box or who knows were to get a J’s Racing or a knock off
(whale penis)of one for our cars my car is all stock and want to have a lower power band(like to keep bulk of my power from 4500-6000 rpm,and have better roll on speed) so if any one has another sugestion let me know also was considering the iceman cai
thancks alot

Cai, power :hmm:

a intake alone anint going to do jack for power, maybe 2 horsepower if you are lucky, its all sound.

and if your car is stock why you need a ice box for? if you want a intake a regular style intake would be adequate enough like a AEM or even a ebay one.

i know i’m not going to gain much but when(if) i do other mods like header, exh, pulleys mabey cams i want most of whatever power lower since it’s my daily driver not race car and just thought if any one has done a DIY ice box that would be cheap and kinda cool same with the J’s Racing carbon fiber intake that thing looks cool but expensive

someone say penis?

I like my AEM intake, i think it looks good and unless you have a stock exhaust (which i don’t) you aren’t going to be able to really hear it. Now on the other hand my buddy’s accord has a Ractive intake and it is loud as fuck in the car, even louder than the exhaust when he gets on it. I can even hear it as I’m blowing by him on the onramp when we race!LOL. It sounds good but i don’t know if they can be found for our cars.