intake resonator affects m.p.g?

hey guys, I was just wondering if removing the intake resonator would effect your fuel milegage in anyway. Would you get better mileage or worse? If any change… about how much? Oh and i was just wondering how much miles you guys with a 92 auto get on a full tank of gas. Thanks fellas :bow:

I believe there’s a Teg Tip related to your intake resonator answer… though it’s a little foggy in my mind…

As for your fuel economy question, you can check the Stock Integra Specs section, or do a search on this forum

(In other words… I don’t know the answers) :wink:

I havent done it to mine but my friend and I did it to his Escort and it decreased his mpg. Hope this helps

I took mine off, and the mpg did seem to go down. I put it back on b/c it didn’t seem like it was doing any good being off.