intakes?waste of money right now?

i got header,cold air intake,ingition,short shifter, will a intake give me any hp gains or a waste of money? and whatr else as far as bolt on’s can a do ro should do? and plz so dickhead remarks.

huh, you said you already have an cold air intake, why you want another? but anyways a intake gives you like 1-3hp if you are lucky, doesnt do a whole lot, more noise than anything

put a catback on there that s the only one left of the most basic boltons you didnt list.

i think he means blox, skunk 2 or JG intake manifold.

ahhhh gotcha now, if thats the case go for it then, then upgrade your valvetrain/head and you are ready to go

i would definately do it too. no loss, plus if ever you decide to build it up, that’s one thing you already got, make that puppy breathe better. our intake manifold’s are crap…skinny, and long runners…a nice, big, and short skunk 2 is well worth the while…a 65mm BBK throttle body wouldn’t hurt either.

unless your going turbo soon or doing some serious motor building i say that for the investment the gains arent worth the $$ it on a stock motor…bolt-ons huh…how about bolting on a turbo kit?? other than that after i/h/e id say maybe some affordable cams??

I don’t know much about these engines, but i would assume they’d react similarly to the small block V8s and such i’m used to. A big intake manifold probably won’t do much on it’s own. You should gain some high-end HP, but it will be at the expense of low-end torque. The best thing is to get an intake manifold and a cam matched for it. Not sure if they do that for these engines, but it’s fairly common for small block V8s… Edelbrock makes a matched intake/cam set for maximum gains for those engines.

I’d think about getting a new cat-back exhaust and replacing the cat, if it’s old. Then i’d go cams, then intake manifold.

Last night I installed a Blox intake manifold and noticed some great gains in the mid-high rpm range. I have all the other bolt-ons installed and so the IM was the very last one on my list. I would recomend installing this one only after you have installed all the other basic bolt-ons.

my buddy got a skunk 2 intake with 65mm TB, and he’s selling it to me as soon as it gets in, cause he decided to put an H22 into his 97 civic si coupe. i gave him my old blown b18 plus $100 lol