Integra DA VS 2010 Skyline GTR

I’m new and wonted to introduce my self by showing a video of my car at Immokalee regional raceway in FL
I opened up a profile on check it out!
1990 Acura Integra RS: 12.048 @ 112.880 MPH

That launch was INSANE.

too bad it wasn’t a 1/4 mile, da prolly would have gotten eaten

Check out this quarter mile race of my Teg and Civic EF with an LS swap and 150Hp in NOS. My DA tares him up!


“It don’t matter if you win by an inch, or a mile…”

He didn’t embarrass us…haha

nice! what’s that smoke coming out in the second vid?

I was cooling the intercooler with nitrous

whats your setup?

My engine setup is as follows for time I posted and videos displayed:
Engine B17A1 GSR: stock other than the pistons (JE SRP)
Turbo is a To4E cheap from E-bay 50A/R compressor hosing, turbine T3 .63 hosing, exhaust trim is 57 not sure what the compressor trim is. Only using 15PSI
Turbo manifold: is cast-iron ported
Intercooler: FMIC Bar Plate Style 31”X9”X3.5” 2.5”inlet & outlet
Wastegate: Tial 38mm
Blow off: Turbonetic Raptor
Down pipe: 2.5” Custom
Exhaust is 2.5” complete
Intercooler piping is 2” from turbo to intercooler and from intercooler to throttle 2.75”
Fuel regulator: Auromotive 1:1
Fuel Pump: Walbro 255LPH

The transmission: YS1 Cable with Mfactory Differential & Drive Shaft Shop 3.9 Axels
Torsion bars: Custom
Tires: 24.5X8X15 M/T

This is not my current setup I just changed up to a GT35R and Lots of other parts.

thats a nice simple setup. really effective from what i see in the video. did the turbo take a dump or did you just replace it for upgrade purposes?

how was that setup on the street? was it responsive?

Yes the reason for the upgrade was turbo took a dump after about 2 ½ years, but it could have lasted longer if I had an oil cooler. Setup responded grate on the street for what it was. I will have some of the old parts up for sale in a couple of weeks.

I listed the parts if you are interested they can be found under parts for sale; FL Turbo & Acura OEM parts