Integra locksmith help

Hey I just recently bought a 94 LS 2door. Guy who I got it from didn’t know anything about it so it’s usless to ask him. Anyway doors werent locked, so I get home. Lock the doors, next morning they wont unlock with the key. I go to the passenger side and I got that door open. Once inside I try to unlock it and it unlocks for a split second then locks agian on it own. unlock…lock. But the drivers doesn’t unlock all the way, it’s like something is holding it up inside. But I can’t get the panel off cause the door is stuck shut. Is it a relay or something? think I need a locksmith?

You probibly have a lock rod that is caught up. The easy way to open it is with a slim Jim from the outside.

ya use a slim jim to open it. and sumtimes they have a safety switch that wont let you lock the door if the key is in the ignition. but even if ur key isn’t in it there could be a bad relay switch for ur door locks.

my Toyota 4runner wont let me lock the doors if the key is in the maybe the acura in that year has a simular relay switch