Integra Rear Seats

I have a 91 integra with DC GSR seats. They arent a perfect fit but I got the bottom portion of the seats to bolt down. My question is, is there anyway to make the top portion stay? If i brake really hard the seat will fall foward. The locking mechanism doesnt fit correctly so they dont lock into place. Are there anyother seats that will fit the rear seats off of any car with little to no modification? Thanks in advnace!

i have never seen this, but…
try putting the lach part on the seat onto the DC seats. i would assume it would work.

doesnt work… :uhoh:

you cant coustom bolt it yourslef?.. or. i have no idea to be honest, im just guessing.

BUMP! Anyone else have any ideas? :bang:

u got any pics? im sure someone on this site can come up with a way to mount them babies. some pics would help (me anyway) to see what exactly you are trying to do.

Please someone help him, because I have the same problem.