Intercooled and resonated exhaust tips - Opinions\Experiences?

I’m currently looking at this combo since I can’t get an RS-R exhaust anymore:

  • Borla Pro XS muffler
  • Magna Flow resonator
  • Carsound Cat
  • Vibrant resonated tip
  • 2-1/4 stainless mandrel bent pipe

I’m really looking to have a quiet and good flowing exhaust. Anyone tried resonated tips? Do they help in lowering the exhaust noise? What are the benefits of intercooled tips? Opinions on my setup?


Results may vary, but in most cases resonated tips won’t have a significant effect on sound levels. Intercooled tips are mostly a marketing scheme put on by Borla. Personally, I really like the way they look though. Overall, your exhaust tip is mainly for aesthetic purposes. Your muffler, resonator, and pipe diameter are the main factors in the sound of your exhaust.


In fact, a resonated tip quiets down the exhaust tone a little… but not that much… This also depends on what size tip your talking about.

I tried both and noticed the difference… I cannot say which one I like better though… If the cops are assholes in your area, go with a reosnated tip IMHO!