if i don’t have a turbo i was wondering if i can still put an intercooler on my g2 teg. becuause i think it looks coll plus i know it adds power not to mention i want to put a turbo on one day. where is the best place to get one and how much will it cost?

An intercooler without a turbo or supercharger is not a good idea. I belive it would actually cause you to loose horsepower because of the longer air path. A good Spearco will run around $600. But do yourself a favor and put that money towards other mods that you will benefit from. You would be better to get a turbo without an intercooler and run low boost.

You do NOT want to put on an intercooler without a turbo…

I know a shop that sells these fake front mount intercooler that can be mounted for under $150… looks real too