interesting problem with b20 vtec

first off i know its not a g2 integ, and second ive searched mabey not hard enogh but i thought you guys might be able to help. my friend installed a b20 vetc in a delsol first problem we had was that the ecu was throwin a iac and a coolant temp switch code at us. next the oil line he taped was leaking. i recomended some liquid teflon but will that work? ove never worked on a crv-tec or ls-vtec there also was a few extra connectors. anyways i know we need a ecu pinout chart and to trace the wires to see wtf is going on, just thought i would vent/share some of my frustration about solving this problem with you guys. any advice would be appreciated.

As far as the IAC, if it’s bad, replace it… it could be bad… U know where it’s at right?

I’m assuming this was a delsol with a B16 already so he used all his old B16a stuff like the head, IM, Header, etc? Then he should find where he put his old IAC and Coolant temp. sensor and plug in/fix/do what ya gotta do.

If you used all his old B16A parts, should use the old wiring harness and there will be no extra plugs. Cept for the knock sensor if his old B16a had one but still… don’t count on plugs being “extra” That’s prolly why she’s throwin codes on ya.

But don’t fret… I had 3 codes thrown at me and a SMOKING distributor before I had even started my LS/VTEC haha :wink:
gg GSR dist. at Advance: $can’t remember.00 :wink:

O yea… liquid teflon tape u get at the hardware store? that white goopy shit? Yea that’s what’s holding my oil lines as we speak so thumbs up 'ta 'dat.