interior electrical problem

Ok so i have a 91 gs. It was parked outside and my cd played got stolen out of it. When they took it they just pulled on it and broke the splices so that there was exposed wire. after i took my car to get a new window i noticed that weird things started to happen. when i press my left reading light my light on my gauge cluster comes on that says my door is open. also when i turn my other reading light on my clock dims. I am going to get an alarm installed on my car and i was wondering first if it would affect my alarm and second how to fix it. A friend told me that i could have fried my ECU, but my car runs just fine. if it matters it has a b16. thank you.

Start by making sure that the power leads in the radio harness are caped off, [red/black (illumination) yellow/red (radio acc.) white/blue (radio constant)] then check your fuses, fuse 14 - 15A, [hot at all times], fuse 22 - 10A, [hot in on and run] and fuse 11- 15A, [hot when park/head lights are on] all are in under dash fuse box.

Any kind of electrical issues can result in problems with alarm. :uhoh:94

so i capped everything off and reset the ecu and it did it for a second but now it stopped. but i still dont have any dome lights or a clock…

Did you check the fuses??:tapfing: 94

ya and they were all fine. I went to bestbuy today though to get my alarm installed and the tech there fixed it but he never said what was wrong… but its fixed so thats cool.

thanks for the help