Interior Lighting - blue or white?


just briefly, I purchased a bunch of 12v festoon bulbs on ebay that are supposed to be white.

Last week I got the first set of 4 and they all appear dark blue inside my car, I told the seller and he has sent a new batch over, these are also blue.

Is it possible that the voltages in the interior dome light are not 12v? I am trying to figure out why he says they are supposed to be bright white and I get them in dark blue.

Anyone had this problem b4?



Are they blue when lit? I have some that are blue glass, and light up like fake HID bulbs (white w/bluish tint). 12V 10W are my bulbs, 12v 5W are stock.

They are supposed to be white LED’s, but they come out dark blue for some reason, I will try and get some pics up.

They look clear when not connected to anything.

He’s got his LED’s mixed up then. LED’s will always show the correct color down to a fraction of their design voltage, except white LEDs will get a purple tint when underpowered (and usually have a slight tint anyway)

he maintains that he has tested the LED’s and they are bright white…

I don’t know what to do, I have tested them on another honda (civic 93) and it still is dark purple.

I have had a friend look too, he confirms they are purple (so im not colourblind!).

Thanks for the posts, will do more research.