Interior lighting swap!!

hey, i was wondering about changin the lights on my instruments… i know this has been covered and i have done searchin, but i havent come by exact answers to my question. Anyways, i read dat the bulbs are 194 wedge bulbs, for the tachs, etc, is this true? Also, the other lightings in the dash, such as teh ones behind teh temp. console and under teh ashtray thign, are those also 194’s? if not wat are they. Last, i was wonderin if anyone has done this color swap, and if possible post up some pics.

there are no 194 bulbs in the dash that i know of. All of the bulbs in the gauge cluster are a special type of bulb, you’ll have to pull them out to see what they look like. You can’t just buy colored replacements if thats what you’re planning. Well, actually i think you can get oem ITR bulbs that are orange…but those are expensive. What you need to do is pull the bulbs and paint them w/ tamiya transparent model paint, available at hobby people.

the bulb for the light right above the stereo is also one of these bulbs like the ones in the cluster.