interior lights

dont have any lights on my heater controls, except the green indicator light occasionally when i push and wiggle it a little. gauge cluster works fine too. Thinking about just replacing the whole switch assembly oem. anyone know if theres a way to fix it or should i just buy a new one?

yea u can fix it… but you’d need to resolder the points n stuff.

hmm that works thanks lol.

how am i supposed to get in there to do it?

try reading the tegtip found here:
Should give you an idea how remove certain parts of your dashboard.

I took out my climate control to replace the lights. Resoldered all the points cause my climate control wasn’t switching over unless I held the button down for a while. I now have a fully functional climate control that lights up green. It’s a bitch to get to though. Just change the lights out (only two bulbs) instead of buying a new unit IMO. Look @ my build thread in the general section