Interior Neon?

So I’m considering getting some neon underneath my dash. A friend of mine had it done on his car and I really like the way it looks.

I’ve googled and searched here for some articles and all I found out was how to do it, not how difficult it is. I was hoping to link it up to a seperate switch and attaching it to my dash. Has anyone tried this and if so, what tubes do you recommend…

Pics would be great too :slight_smile:

i did the exact same thing i used leds under there i bought them off of ebay for @ $20 ill get u some in depth pics tonite wen the sun goes down but its not that hard just time consuming if u wanna do it right i also have a toggle switch on the dash so ill get those pics to u wen the sun goes down. cool?

That’d be awesome. Thanks man.

i might have old pics hold on

theres one

Im kind of hoping for it to cover the whole driver and passenger floors.

if you have 1 12" under pass and 1 under drivers they light up really good. I have the neon not LED and they cover almost all the floor i’m going to throw a couple small ones under the seats for looks.

yeah i know, but the light up really good at dark its wasnt that dark wen i took that pic but if u put it under the seat the it wuld light up

under the dash lights up a lot and better IMO than it would under the seat

ya but he wants the floor and i think when u get in that your pants would block the light anyways

actually it doesn’t I will try to take a pic later tonight

Id either install tubes under the seat or under the dash.

Any recommended tubes?

light glow or street glow have been good to me

mine were off of ebay im satisfied

Very easy. I’ve got 7 color LED’s by LiteGlow under my car. Under my dash and making a custom license plate frame out of a few of the tubes and plan to do a whole lot more with them such as custom lit gauges and inside the door krevis’s. Fun, simple, grabs lots of attention. lol Police can’t do squat about it in my area. Few people have their cars lit up like a Christmas tree so I thought why not? =)


they sell leds, glow kits, small neon tubes and such.

Pilot Automotive from autozone…no complaints here, they light up my drivers and pass. floors really nice:up: