Interior Plastic Prep

Whats the best grain to use to sand down interior panels for pain.

I woudlnt sand them at all. First of all you should not use regular paint, it should be made for plastic. wipe the parts down wth rubbing alcohol and then spray them with adhesion promoter, then paint.

Iv done alot of reading up for this. a few said nothing about sanding and a few said its better to make it stick even better not to SAND the plastic but a light scuff.

Here is a picture of the panels but one of the panels for under the dash is a little scratched up i guess thats what they mean by sanding flaws.

Okay, its good youve done alot of reading up. I’ve done it personally, and thats what i did. I never sanded anything, for the precise reason of scuffing it up, the parts have a leather like texture (sort-of) and scuffing will show. If youre using the right paint/product, it should require no sanding as the product should be made specifically for plastic/vinyl and contain a bonding agent and flex additive. SEM Colorcoat is a good example, as is Duplicolor Fabric and Vinyl, and Krylon Fusion. Adhesion promoter will only add to the bonding.

I wiped with 90% Isopropyl and painted, came out MINT.

i have done ALOT of interior plastic painting. some of you will flame me for this but i use a goo gone (something that wont leave an oily residue) insted of sanding. some say it melts the plastic but i never have had anything like that happen to me and i have been doing it for 8 years. if you want the textured look use adhisive promoter. even if you dont just use more layers of paint. use an automotive interior plastic paint. spray it on in thin layers and wait untill it is dry until you add the next layer. my last interior i did on my last car lasted 5 years and it was still mint when i sold it. always wait untill it is completely dry inbetween steps.