INTERIOR window Iced completely:

This morning when I went to start up my car for school, I noticed that the interior window was COMPLETELY iced up, I thought it was from outside at first, but my wipers didnt make a difference, so then I realized it was the interior, where is this water forming from?? I have a 1990 Acura integra GS. Thanks!

its caused by moisture in the car some were wet floor mats etc. the water will evaporate and collect on the inside of the windows and freeze as it gets colder.

thanks! =)

maybe it could be a more serious problem. My car fogs up inside, when all the other cars on the block don’t. My dad (a mechanic) says, that it’s my heater core. If your carpet (pass side) is wet w/ coolant then, tha’ll be it, and you should get that fixed quick, cuz your floor will start rotting out. According to some folks on here if the moisture on the carpet smells sweet, then that’s your problem. Also, 2ndJenn said it could be a Water cowl (he said something about a cowl for sure). 300bucks for the core, brand new form dealer. :bored:

would it also have something to do with the fact that we have frameless windows? Ever notice a little condensation near the edge of you driverside window? My teg would ice up like crazy and the heater core was fine. Just curious.

yeah, I wonder sometimes about that too. Last year, b4 the core went bad, it froze for me too. I don’t really know.

where the fan gets air is through a opening covered by 2 cowls at the end or edge of the bottom of the window, if the foam piece or any of the seals go bad for that vent that collects air goes bad, then water will come down yoru window get past the first cowl, get past the seals of the secondary cowl and look down into the vent then into the fan then into your passenger side floor, causing the fogged up inside, that and it can be leaking from the drain hose for the sunroof which runs from the sunroof to the side of the rear panel. If you take of the speaker cover and speaker in the rear you’ll see a hose that drains outside, usually that hose comes looose and causes water to collect in the truck, then splashes and wets the rear seats and rear floor

When I first got my integra, it was really dirty inside and out. Everytime I drove my car and it is cold out my windows would fog up inside. I decided to clean the inside of the windows b/c they were filthy. My windows have not fogged up since I cleaned them and it has gotten colder out. The only place the windows fog up is in the corners where I missed a few spots.
Hope it helps.