Intermittent shifting problem


I have a stock transmission mated with centerforce dual-friction clutch. Been running a short shifter for 5 years now and there are some symptoms that has been going on for a while:

-If I do not drive it for a week or two, it shifts like butter
-Day after I drove it, the next morning, would not go in any gear
-The only time it will go is when the car is rolling or moving slightly
-I will have to shut the car off, then it goes into any gear no problem
-After an hour of driving the car, start it up again and shifting is fine

Last MTF fluid change (Honda MTF) was about 2 years ago). I replaced my shifter with B&M straight and new Honda OEM bushings, also Energy Suspension linkage bushings. Still the same problem.

-Clutch is dying
-Throwout bearing is done
-Clutch cable needs adjustment (never done this before, tell me how! Looking at it, there is a lock pin with the threads, how do I “unlock” the pin?)


Clutch. If it goes through gears with the car off that’s it.

yup ur clutch and pressure plate is due for replacement. also u need to drain and fill ur tranny fluid. adjust the clutch cable… but if its still the original one, now would be the best time to replace it.

adjust the clutch cable, and then try again. if the cable is stretched, it wont release the pressure plate completely.

Is there any trick on adjusting the clutch cable? I assume clockwise - tighten, counter clockwise - loosen/slack.