intermittent starting issues (2)

So I have two intermittent issues while attempting to crank my car.

First the most common one (generally happens when I stall → Thanks to the 8lb flywheel btw)… when attempting to crank, the starter makes a relatively high pitch noise, very hard to explain, but kinda like the gear is slipping, then engine doesn’t turn over. It usually does this 3 or 4 times before the engine cranks and fires. The engine always eventually fires, it’s just a pain when in traffic and people starting honking at ya.

2nd, much less frequently, when attempting to start the car for the first time, after sitting in intense, direct sunlight, no noises what so ever, the only thing that happens is I hear the fuel pump prime and the gauge lights dim (when the clutch is in). As with the first problem, after trying several times, and waiting several minutes it always starts up.

Not emergency here, just starting to get on my nerves, anyone have any thoughts?

the starter gear is chewing up your flywheel. ie, it’s not making proper contact. it will get worse and eventually lead to replacement of the flywheel. what i would do is pull the starter and have a look at the flywheel teeth. use a mirror if you have to. i have a feeling the starter is slightly cocked anyways, so pulling it and tightening the bolts evenly may solve your problem