Introducing my Self, My 91 Auto G2 Integra

Hey guys whats going on. Member over at clubintegra and seen threads that refer to here so joining here as well.

To start off I have a 91 auto integra ls
You guys know all the specifics on there ill just post pictures

I do have a question though
Replaced the torque converter soon as I got supposively that’s what was wrong with it
It would stall in any gear besides park and neutral unless you revved it up to about 2.5k or so.
After replacing the torque converter it still does this not as often but when the cars cold it will do it after it moves.
Also ive tried changing the solenoids with ones from the junkyard and saw no improvement or unimprovment
Im changing to Acura trans fluid this weekend to see if that helps.
Any suggestions would be awesome

Heres some pics.
Nice to be apart of this forum to.

Replacing HeadLight

Door Panels I Did need reglued

Gsr Rear Interior just a quick pic as my phone died

I notice you have an aftermarket intake. I know that on the AT intake manifold there are two lines vacuum lines that go to the intake and one line from the Valve cover to the intake (on yours it’s the big blue line. I have the same intake and on mine there is only space for one line and the line to the valve cover. The line that I think may be causing this problem goes from the intake to the dashpot, it should have check valve or one way valve. I believe it’s to keep the RPMs up so you don’t stall and it’s something only on AT intake manifolds so it’s something to check out. below is a picture of my car when I had that intake and what I did. I don’t know if this is or will help with what’s wrong. But nonetheless if it’s not hooked up it should be.