Introduction and a opinion question.... (thanks in advance)

Hi -

So, I’m new to this forum, and joined because I’m seriously considering jumping into the Integra world. Before I do however, I wanted to ask a group of folks that know a lot more about these cars than I do if the Integra will be a good choice for me.

So, I’ve run across a '90 4 door LS with a manual, one owner, zero rust and appears to be meticulously maintained with 180k. He’s asking $2,000. First - does this sound reasonable all in all?

Second: I’ve been looking for a '89 to '93 Accord because I’ve had amazing luck with the F22 engines (got 350k out of one). So, my biggest question really is - how does the Integra’s B18 stack up to the F22 in the Accord in terms of reliability? I’m planning to keep everything stock, though (admittedly) I’m a fairly aggressive driver. Should I keep looking for an Accord or go with the Integra?


I would say the b18 is going to offer the same reliability and longevity that you’re looking for if maintained well. There is nothing quirky about the non Vtec LS Integra motor. Personally I think you will enjoy an Integra waaay more than any Accord but maybe I’m biased.

jdecks23 is correct parts wise, Integra is can be sourced almost every were and its lighter compared with the accord which would be a plus when it comes to power to weight ratio.

B series is best to me more options and always room for improvement, to me a g2 Integra is a gem they claim its heavy but my ek coupe is heavier lol I would think you would enjoy a Integra and I’m in MN so to me a clean 4 door teggy in good shape no leaks or burns is easily worth 2000 offer 1500 and see if he bites lol