Irish DA6

Hey guys, the names mikey, im 19 and from Ireland, im always on the site so said I may aswell make an account, anyway heres my motor

Make: Honda

Model: Integra XSI

Year: 1992

Engine: B16a 1.6 DOHC Vtec (new engine just put in with 70,000 KM’s on it, with some head work done)

Just Fully Serviced With New Filter,New Engine/Gearbox Oil,Coolant Etc.

Modifications: Apexi induction kit, rays engineering te37 alloys, carbon covered petrol cap, nardi steering wheel, tenzo r springs and strutbrace front and back, type r gearnob, Mugen 4 Branch.

Nice it looks like a very well put together car!

Not one but TWO girls posed on your car, nice.

Sigh. How I wish I could go to the verdant fields of Ireland. Hot girls, hot car.

Nice car dont see many of them on the road in ireland.

welcome!!! nice car.:rockon:

cheers for the comments guys :slight_smile: theirs a good few of them in the Waterford area, thats about it in Ireland… ye can have the girls haha

Nice car! Do you have one rim with polished lip?

One of my TE37’s was being repaired at the time so I borrowed a Rota Grid with the polished lip for the day. my TE37’s don’t have a polished lip.

what suspension do you have?car looks great.

only have tenzo r springs and hardened shocks with tenzo r strut braces front and back. saving for coilovers.

i have tenzo r springs and the stance was nothing like yours :frowning:

car is nice, girls…not so much lol

^^ LOL

Nice car. Keep up with updates! I’ll be checking :smiley:

thanks people :slight_smile: