Is 20psi good or bad?

Okay I have a 93 integra(of course) B18a1. I blew a head gasket and replaced it.I had the head resurfaced and replaced the usual, water pump timingbelt cam seals and valve covergasket, also the exhaust gasket.I 've since added a header 4-2-1, AEM fuel pressure regulator,venom fuel rail along with new fuel oil filter and pcv valve it also has an AEM cai. I’ve replaced the ignition coil,cap and rotor and moroso plug wires with plus 4 plugs.In order to get the car to run I had to turn down the pressure of the fuel to 20-25 psi.Anything higher and my plugs would end up soaking wet with the engine sputtering bad.Also the car has a bit of a sputter through the exhaust and idles at 1200 rpm constantly, then nearly dies when I turn on the head lights or press the brakes.I took it to a mechanic and all he did was adjust my valves and said he replaced my map sensor, which doesn’t look like he tuoched it at all.(dirt still around the sensor doesn’t look disturbed at all )Is there anything I may have overlooked or missed?I can’t seem to figure this one out?Could so many things go wrong from a simple blown headgasket? Compression test came out fine.

You sure the fuel pressure regulator and guage are functioning properly?

Also, did you get the cam gears lined up properly? One of them could be a tooth off. I have my FPR set at 41 PSI (w/out vacuum) and it runs fine… also a B18A1.

I’ve checked the timing and my cam gearsover and over.The fpr and fpg are new ,just got them in from summit.But you could be right,i’ll just have to get another one and try it .But what about the sputtering through the exhaust?The mechanic said it was probably a carbon deposit stuck under the valve and not letting it close properly.What do you think? Thanx for the help.

Anybody out there?

Cam timing, Ignition timing, properly gapped plugs, test the output on the distibutor, check your plug wires, check to see if the guage is right. Thats all I can think of right now. Does the power feel normal, or is it bogging?

How do I test the output of the distibutor?I’m not sure but I think that the bosch platinum plus fours come already gapped don’t think you can gap them. I’m almost to the point to where I am out of suggestions and don’t know what to try.As for the sputtering, the engine doesn’t miss,it doesn’t shake but it does idle funny(low) and then sometimes at around 1200 rpm.Then once i press the brakes or turn on the headlites, the rpm drops so low it almost dies.Any clues?By the way , thanx for all the help and ideas. :bow:

vacuum leak???

get rid of those +4’s! those are awful plugs.

That is my guess. My friend’s integra did basically the same thing regardless of fuel pressure. We had just installed a Zex Kit and cyled it on/off in the driveway with the car not running and bottle not hooked up, just to hear the solenoid click as the throttle went to WOT.(ensureing we had tapped the right wire) When we fired the car back up it ran like ass and was pig rich. We were baffled as to why it was f-ed up as we hadn’t really done anything. Afte several days of looking at plugs, the FPR, buying a gauge, new O2, checking basically everything. Stumped, I put my hand on the TB and the car sputtered and almost died. I was like WTF? Then I tried again and it sputtered again. I realized the vaccum line was rotten and had basically cracked on the side that wasn’t visible. We had some spare vaccuum line form the Zex kit, so we cut it to length and slapped it in. Car ran like a charm. (About $150 and 5 days later.) I guess we must have brushed against the sketchy line while installing the Zex kit.

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Thanx for the info everyone, Ive gone over and a few hoses were pretty loose one leading to the map sensor also the plug connected to it wasn’t clipped in all the way.All seems fine but i still have a “flutter-like” soundthat is quite noticeable once i’m on the throttle. But when i’m at at idle, it sounds fine.I know it’s probably still there i just can’t here it, or it only happens once the rpm’s go up.Almost like a valve is opening before it is supposed to. Any ideas? What type of plugs should i go with?My car idles at about 700-900 at a red lite,if that helps and if i quickly blip the throttle it bogs just a liittle too.Again thanx your reponses have helped me out alot. :bowdown:

i have silicon hoses right now how durable are they performance wise? Also, if the plus 4’s aren’t a good plug what is? :hmm:

Anyone??? :shrug:

silicone vacuum lines are great. logner durability. And stick with normal copper plugs. cheap V power plugs even

any brand in particular? I’m trying not to dump so much money by just buying stuff that is expensive because of a certian name. I would prefer to go with stuff that is proven.And with the amount of money that this rebuild is costing me so far i would prefer to do it right with as little money wasted. :mad:

NGK V-Power is what came in these cars OEM, thats what me and alot of others on here use, thoose bosch plugs seem to act weird for some people, the other thing is with those +4’s is that with four tips the tips are skinnier then your normal plug making it easy for them to get hot and cause detonation in your motor, electricity can only take one path also so the other 3 prongs are pointless anyway… so dont waste the money on the gimicks and just go to your local auto store and get the oem ones

but will they work well with low boost or nitrous? By summer i plan to have this build done and will most definately do one of the two.Thanx.

Most turbo honda guys incldunig myself run NGK V power heat range 7 plugs for boost

Cool, appreciate it yo.