is 235 too wide???

hey im gunna purchase a set of used rims with tire size 235/45/17 i wanna know if there width is too wide for the car to handle?

It is certianly too TALL for the car to handle.

yeah width isn’t as much of a concern as height in this situation. that wheel is probably 2" larger than stock OD, meaning you’ve got an effective final drive of: 3.slowwwww

though, i doubt you could get a 235 in a DA fenderwell, widthwise.

i would think for a 17 inch rim you’d want a 40 series tire, not 45

tooo big, i had 225/50/17 on the rear of mine for quite a while(which are actually slightly larger than yours), they wouldn’t fit in the front and rubbed terrible in the back, even at stock ride height. yours would be 2.114" in diameter larger than stock, def. too big, and it would knock your speedo off by 5.4 mph @ 60

the largest 17" tire i would ever run on a DA is a 215/45, but what SHOULD be ran is a 205/40

yea man 4real i have 235’s on my yota p/u and i rub at certain times w/ only a 2in drop…definitely too wide. like was said 205 at the widest 215s.

I have 205/50/16’s and they good enough on the car…if they look too big it is just going to look goofy.