Is it better to get a b16a or just save and get a b18c1


fairly a noobie here; I know there are threads for this, but I have a question about a future engine swap. I’m saving my dough to either get a b16a or save a bit more and get a b18c1 because my 91 da-b18a non-VTEC has 250,000+ on it.

So, should I go with a c1, or on the other hand aren’t b16’s able to go high RPM’s with no prob will that be comparable to c1’s But aren’t c1’s a better platform to build around if you wanna go 200+ hp down the line in the future?:think: :think:

and this maybe a rice question, how about a b16b or b16a(USDM)ver.
Guys, if N E one has some input it would really help?

sorry, for these noobie questions!:shrug:


Well the b16a is VTEC. With the b16 though you wont have as much tq. as the stock LS. i would either go with the C1 or the B16b. Another suggestion would be to gut the rear of your car as long as you dont mind only having the two front seats. If you do gut it though dont sell your stuff, incase you ever want to put it back.

Oh, what’s the difference in tq on a 91’ LS/GS compared to 16a, is it significant?
and the high RPM’s question: only capable on 16a’s or not?
16b’s are rare.
Unfortunately, need the back seats on a daily basis, but good idea if ever my DA becomes a sentimental weekend car that i bring out of the garage now and then.LOL! someday

Hey ill answer the last question. U have a 91 it says in ur profile, the 91 LS makes 121 lbs.-ft. (16.8 kg-m) @ 5000 rpm. B16a’s makes like 116 lb/ft @
7300 rpm if i remember. Here is a chart of many engines and their hp and torque specs. My friend sees 8400rpm daily in his crx with his b16a.

First gen b16’s make 112 ft lbs of torque

If your on a budget get a b16, you can make 200 whp. If money isn’t that tight get the b18c1

True. ^^. I just looked at the wrong one. Haha. My bad. Good looking out.

Damn, that’s interesting how 1gen. 16a’s are older/earlier engines which are better performers hands down (must be the VTEC) than the 18a’s and closely comparable to the c1’s. Is 8400rpm the ultimate?

*Note: Don’t even consider touchin’ a 17b, right?

hey guys,
found a engine swap shop:

tell me what you think,

theres a 12 hp difference between the motors so its really up to u if u think the extra 4-800 is worth the difference i think the b16a is a great platform to start at and practically any b series vtec revs safely above 8k rpms (excluding the b20 i believe) i myself am very happy with the b16a

How many have a B16a stock, with a turbo kit? and what kind of power are you running?

Turbo B20z. Do it.

ask this guy about the turbo b16

it depends on what you want the car for. if you just want to run drag races go with the b18 the torque will give you better acceleration especially off the line. however, if you plan on doing some real track racing the b16 will be better because the way the v-tec and the power curve are set up, you can keep it in the power band easier to keep your speed up going through the corners.

go ls/vtec

OBD-1 b16a is your easiest bet. Any other suggestions will cost more money and take more work.

go ls/vtec

I agree with him, thats what im doing i just need a pr3 ecu incase someone is selling one

from my experience with a b16 in a DA is to get the XSi B16, it doesnt feel slow at all to me from what i felt by a member’s car here :clap: i would no doubt get the b16 for my car eventhough i have the heavy GS model, its all about balance to me