Is it possible to...

align the timing marks on the crankshaft sprocket with the mark on the oil pump without removing the crankshaft pulley or bolt? I could get the lower timing belt cover off. Will these marks be visible? This is what determines engine timing, given TDC, cams up, and cam gears up, right…?

what i did to get the crank pulley off b/c i didn’t have a good enough impact is I pu the car in gear with the one wheel on the gound and had someone stand on the brakes while i kicked at a breaker bar on the crank pulley bolt. It took a few kicks bit i eventually got it loose.

you can use morose crank pulley tool, that allows you to remove the bolt without air tools

morose crank pulley tool - where could you get that?

any moroso retailer can order it for you. i belive it retails around 140cdn (80-90 us)

Can you see the timing marks on the crank sprocket without taking off the pulley? (Lower timing belt cover removed) I need the “yes” or “no.” Thanx

i’ll have to look at my engine again but i don’t think you can remove the lower timing belt cover without removing the crank pully. however, to answer your question, there should be a marking on the block itself for TDC. i’ll have to double check when i get home in a few minutes…good luck…