is it safe??????

See my question is if putting the compresion up to 10.8 ona b18a would be safe if i just shotpened and got apr conections/ botls the works??? would it be safe if i left the rest of my block stock? I was thinking of puttin pr3 pistons and leaving the rest of the block untouched and then gettin the crower 403’s retainers and springs, skunk2 intake manifold , have: header high flow cat exhaust, ram air…so i was wondering if the block could take the aditional compression specially since im gonna …well beat it for the $$ im puttin gin i wanna use it!

shot peen the rods and get arp rod bolts and you should be safe for about an 8k redline, maybe a little higher. That is what i settled on after talking with dan about my proposed ls/vtec setup. If you really want to be safe spend the extra money to get a block girdle and maybe some forged rods… but i’d only do that if you plan on running the engine really hard, or want to run it above 8k.

the valvetrain you’re talking about is perfect. It’ll probably be safe past what the block will be.