Is it worth it to replace the two side motor mounts?

All of my motor mounts are broken. I’m definatelly replacing the front and rear mounts…but is it worth it to replace the drivers side motor mount and the passenger side transmission mount?

It appears to me that front and rear take all of the tourquing and the side mounts just stablize the motor a bit.

Will the side mounts stop any more vibration or put more stress on the front and rear causing them to break prematurelly?

Hmm if they are broken i recommend getting Energy suspension mount inserts, sells them for 21 bucks, pretty cheap. Its cheaper then getting the complete new mount, yet gives u the performance u need. I heard its not recommended to get the side mount inserts because its harsh on the axles, so i dont know about that.

Keep in mind the ES inserts only come for the front and rear – they don’t include the side mount inserts.

If you do a lot of stop and go traffic, go with OEM mounts all around. Expensive, but you’ll appreciate how little vibration there is. If you put ES or Prothane mounts in (I’ve heard BAAAD things about the prothane mounts – pretty much drag use only!), you’ll notice more vibration than with new OEM mounts. And yeah, your side mounts don’t seem like they do much, but if yours are broken, obviously they were doing SOMETHING…