Is my head unit dead?

Well, I do know that it’s not 100% dead. I just noticed this at lunch. I’ve got a Kenwood MASK unit (not sure of model number) that worked up until two days ago apparently. Ok, here goes an explanation:

  1. At lunch, turned on car, noticed the unit flipped itself over (turned face outwards, like normal), however, no LCD lights. Neither radio piece or CD changer turned on. Nothing, nada…
  2. Noticed there’s still power, as the thing flipped itself at least.
  3. Checked fuse panel. 10A fuse was OK.
  4. Yanked head unit out of dash, checked little 10A fuse on back of unit. That also was OK. Turn on car, now head unit turns on, but is stuck on one radio channel. No LCD lights on head unit were lit up either, just like above. All black, and no control of anything.
  5. For fun (not!), I took all wires off, which only consisted of disconnecting the adapter, CD changer cable, antenna, and RCA cables for amp. Uhhh, the head unit looked fine. hehe
  6. Put it all back, reconnect everything, and turn on car. Amp is now powered since I plugged the RCAs back in, sp the situation remained as #4, except it was LOUD.

So, what’s the deal? Is my head unit toast, or is there something else I can check out? I do have a brand new head unit that I can install, but was saving it for my pickup.

My setup is simple. Kenwood head unit, with attached CD changer, and single 120W (I think) amp.

Thanks for any help.