Is my O2 sensor bad...

wzup fellas…Im not getting the best gas mileage from my teg. The car has a little under 112K miles and I bought w/ 106K mi. When I bought it, I immediately changed the plugs, wires, fuel filter, pcv valve, timing belt and water pump. The only problem I have besides bad gas mileage is leaking oil. Would leaking oil contribute to bad gas mileage? I was adding a quart every week or so before the weather started getting really cold. Now im adding a quart every 2-3 weeks. I have a cap and rotor but didnt change it because the original one still looked like it was in good condition. Could my O2 sensor be going bad if not bad already? How much would a new one cost? Is it hard to replace? Am i gonna have to remove the heat shield to get to it? TIA

-White 90 Teg

Yes it’s quite likely your O2 sensor. Cost depends on where you get it – I just got one for mine a couple weeks ago, and from Acura it was $221 CAD :shock: But i went to Partsouce and got one for $60 CAD. Works fine. You don’t need to take your heat shield off to get it, but I took mine off just because it’s a LITTLE easier.

Expect it to be seized though… let some WD40 or something soak on it for a while before you even attempt it. A wrench won’t do it. On mine, I had to cut the wire and use a 1/2" air impact gun on it. ALMOST wrecked the thread on my manifold, so be careful. And use some anti-seize compound when putting the new one in.

thanx alot bro…

I’d HIGHLY recommend paying a few dollars for an O2 sensor socket from an auto parts store. We spent over 45 minutes wrestling with the stupid OEM sensor (12 years old) but couldn’t get a good enough grip on it w/ any wrench or socket we had. Had to zoom to Canadian Tire at 8:55pm to get one. With it, it took literally 2 seconds to get the thing out. :slight_smile: