Is my odyssey battery going to hold up?

I have a pc680 odyssey battery and plan on buying a single 12 with a 500 amp. Does anybody else have this battery with a sound system? Will this make my lights dim and what are some ways to improve this? Also I like this sleek battery and plan on keeping it so I need to make this work

I wouldnt push it. set up an isolators and run a second battery.

I have the same battery an ran to 12’s there was no problem but i would hook up a cap for sure when i redo it might run the two batterys as well like black said. But I can tell you if you listen to it with the car off you will kill your battery fast so dont do that

I have the odyssey 680 and I’m running a 900 watt amp and a 10. No problems so far, no dimming lights or anything.

I was thinkin the same thing but wasn’t to sure what other people are experiencing. I wasn’t to sure if a 500w amp and a 12 would kill this little battery but Gen2Gen is running a 900w which is more and is having no problems. I’m thinkin of the isolator to be safe plus upgrade to a touch screen unit with a dvd player will make me need a second battery so I can watch a flick without running the car lol.

For the second battery should I get a bigger battery or can I get another oddyssey battery. I was thinking of mounting a second oddyssey battery where the spare wheel used to be and add a alarm to it?

I had an Odyssey battery that would die if I didn’t keep it charged every week and I had nothing in terms of an audio system. Such a hassle, just relocate your battery to the trunk and you won’t have to worry about it.

If your battery died ever week it was not a good battery. When you charged it was it with a regular charger. if so that killed it you need a special charger for them

I used the trickle charger that was recommended to charge such batteries and it still had issues. Maybe the cold NY weather, IDK.

I found a dual battery kit on amazon with a voltage sensitive relay. So I’m going to order that with another odyssey battery and hook it up. I hope I can find my receipt so I can buy it from the same place I got it last time. I got it for 99 bucks with free shipping. Thx for the help guys!