is my Ys1 a GSR?

This is my 2nd time rebuilding my transmission. I have rebuilt my LS transmission and a bearing blew. Then I bought a GSR YS1…or what I believe to be a GSR. I had members on here check the # for me and they also claim it to be a GSR YS1. I just took this tranny apart and found out it was missing some syncrhos, inner synchro cones…etc. that the service manual said it’s supposed to have on the YS1 GSR tranny. So i was wondering where i can check the tranny # again to verify if its a GSR or did i get screwed over w/ an LS tranny. I’ve verified some of the characteristics w/ members that has the GSR and they all seem to match what i’ve got… Thanx

not exactly the easiest to find, but nonetheless here it is, and this is now closed.