is the greddy sp2 muffler chambered or straight-through?

which is it? I’ve searched these forums and the whole damn internet and I haven’t found anything that tells me for sure

someone who has it plz let me know, straight through or chambered?


Hey, I just finished installing my SP2 as well as my short shifter today. I’m not all the educated as for as exhausts go but I be leave its a straight through (The pipe that enters the muffler is inline with the pipe that exits the muffler). If thats not straight through then let me know and I can go look at it if you like. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

BTW, this is a great exhaust, the sounds is clean and constant all the way up. The flow is just what I was looking for with the 60mm piping. Anyways, late.

ok, yep it’s straight through then, thanks for the info

i’ll be ordering mine shortly