Is there a Difference

Is there a difference between a Hydrolic and a cable Clutch? Be cause I am going to a B20 motor and sell me my b18a1 motor?
The guy said that the 2 generation won’t be able to hand the motor because of the cable clutch. Any response?

thats just plain old BS. your cable tranny will work just fine with the b20. there are numerous people here running b20’s with their stock cable tranny.

clutches from cable and hydro trannies are exactly the same. only differences you need to watch out for is the year. 89-91 b series trannies need a clutch from a 90-91 teg. 92+ b series trannies need a clutch from a 92+ b series motor (92-93 teg, 94+ teg, doch vtec del sol, civic si).