Is this anyone's car?

If so post more pics.

He has posted a few pictures of it… can’t recall his username, but there are pictures in the Favorite Picture Thread, the Front End Thread and the Rear End Thread.

That’s Oldskool’s car! One of my favs.


thats his user name. i absolutely love the kit on that car. SEXY teg!:horny:

I want the lip kit…Love the color and stance.

I can’t believe I’ve never seen this car around the site. Definetly a clean teg.

Hiro looks proper with the 90-91 bumpers.

Looks better than 99% of the cars on g2ic right now.

I wouldn’t say 99%, there are a lot of clean integras on g2ic. This car is very well done and is one of the nicer ones. :slight_smile:

98.99% then.

Ive never realy liked the hiro spoiler but does look good on this da. Anyone know which rear lip that is?

oem optional rear lip! :slight_smile:

Word i have 2 of them but i havent found a worthy 90-91 rear bumper to paint to put em on. I have 2 full oem lipkits but have a 92 prolly gona throw the front lip onma 4dr