Is This Exhaust Good?

is this exhaust good does any one have it if so does it sound good?it looks good 4 209 bucks and has ne one try the OBX cat back exhaust if so does that one sound good?thanx


Looks like a canister type muffler, but fit for the integra design. If you like canisters, it might be okay, but OBX doesnt make the greatest products. If your expecting good performance out of it, i wouldnt make any garuntees for only $209.

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…hmmm…you know the term “You get what you pay for” right?
The packing in those knock off mufflers generally is not very good. Straight through mufflers rely on fiberglass and/or stainless steel packing to quiet the exhaust note down. If you want your car loud get it, but the name brands and baffled mufflers have a deeper, quieter note generally.

heres the obx one