is this good enough for an all motor setup?

this is my plans for the block:
ctr pistons
new mains & rod bearings
new water & oil pump
shot-peened rods

how high do you think it is safely to rev?

cams im leaning towards skunk2 stage 2’s. im not really set on that but i want some more aggressive than the ctr/itr cams but not all out race. so toda spec b’s or jun type 2’s arent out of the question. i just like the skunks because they’re pretty cheap. any info, links, or threads on all motor setups and etc will be appreciated.

Arp rod bolts & head studs.

what block and head are you using?

ITR Oil pump and block girdle…redlineintegra can agree with me on this one too :stuck_out_tongue:

:slight_smile: and cam gears if u already dont have some

ive got a b17a. ive got aem cam gears that im going to swap in from my other teg. i never knew ITR oil pumps where better than GSRs or SIs.

lets say i get my block rebuilt w/ ctrs block girdle & itr oil pump. how high can i safely rev? and how high does the skunk2 stage 2s make power until? thanks

As far as i heard ITR oil pumps are good…i mean…its off an ITR…hehe…

As for the cams and power etcetc im not too sure…i think theres a chart on the skunk site showing HP gains and stuff…

as far as how high u can SAFELY rev…i think its a combo of everything…are u on stock valve train??? ECU???

one more thing…good to invest into a FPR

sumone correct me if im wrong…:slight_smile:

Titanium alloy valve springs?

well im just curious to what the bottom end can take. i will be upgrading the valvetrain once i decide which company i want to go with [ie: cams].

for now lets just talk about the block, because thats my main concern. thanks