is this normail smoke?

its been cold outside. when i turn the heater on full blast with the a/c on i get a lot of white smoke from the tail pipe. is this something i should worry about? but then when i turn it off, there’s less white smoke? but then it eventually goes away once i start driving for 15 mins or so. but will smoke again if i have the heat and a/c back on? tia!

You losing any coolant?

only a little bit from the reservoir but thats about it…it was full like 2 months ago and now its in the middle between max and min.

so you could be parked at idle, first with no heater no a/c and have no steam, then with heater and a/c get a cloud of steam, then turn them off and have no cloud again? Just trying to rule out throttle position as an accomplice.

yeah its weird i think its just because the cold weather tho cause it didn’t do this in the summer…and i rarely drive my car so i shouldn’t have any big issues i believe to concern about but i just wanted to know everybody’s opinions just in case it can be cause of ???..

yes this is Normal . your motor gets hot and its cold outside…its like bringing a pizza that just came out of the oven outside its gna steam … if you look around everyones car smokes outside when its cold